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Counting the Costs: The Toll of Destroying Computer Equipment

The cost of destroying computer equipment

Faced with the challenges of environmental problems, the population of South Carolina is invited to process or eliminate electronic waste such as unused computer equipment. According to recent scientific research, these are dangerous both for humans and the environment. But how much does it cost to destroy obsolete computer equipment?

Why dispose of computer equipment

First of all, you should know that the destruction of obsolete computer equipment is included in the South Carolina’s Electronics Recycling Legislation. The law imperatively indicates that any owner of electronic equipment (tablet, computer, server or others) must ensure that their devices are treated or destroyed once they are no longer used. He can turn to any service provider: distributor, IT professional, organization specializing in the collection of hazardous waste or others. The main point is to entrust electronic waste to a subcontractor who can sort it for reuse or destroy it.

The destruction of computer equipment helps reduce the ecological footprint of electronic and electrical devices. Indeed, when the latter are abandoned, the substances which compose them produce toxins which are dangerous for human health and for the environment.

How much does destruction cost

There are no precise figures for the disposal of IT equipment. The price varies considerably. Among other things, it depends on the condition of the equipment, its brand, its size, its degree of pollution and the service provider responsible for the destruction in question. Therefore, the destruction of equipment can range from 500 to 25000 dollars (or even more).

To reduce the cost as much as possible, there are tips. The first is to evaluate the IT equipment. You must identify the device accessories that are recyclable. Generally, switches and any office equipment can be reused. You can then sell them to recycling specialists. The latter can, moreover, ensure the destruction of other accessories provided that they have the appropriate certificate.

To reduce the cost of destroying computer equipment in South Carolina, you can also contact the manufacturers directly. Some companies like Dell and HP offer a recovery service for obsolete computers and servers. However, the price of this recovery is quite high compared to the sale to recycling specialists. This is due to the fact that the manufacturer may have to disassemble and analyze the devices one by one.

Before destroying computer equipment such as a computer, make sure to destroy the data on the hard drives to protect your privacy. Indeed, this can increase the cost of destruction, because the service provider or recoverer must destroy personal information under the control of a bailiff. So the company is forced to increase the price of its services.

An easier way to destroy and dispose of old computer equipment is to donate it to charity. The latter redistribute the machines in working order; those that can no longer function are dedicated to recycling.

As for computer equipment that cannot be reconditioned, it is best to entrust it directly to a certified computer equipment destruction specialist. The latter will be responsible for recovering parts that are in good condition and can still be used for other devices. It will then carry out green destruction, i.e. environmentally friendly disposal.

Little advice: entrust the destruction of your computer equipment to a company that can provide you with a certificate attesting to the disposal of your unused equipment. If you live in Myrtle Beach, SC or the surrounding area, Myrtle Beach Dumpster Rental Center is the service provider you need. Note that this waste management company offers its computer equipment destruction and dumpster rental services at prices affordable to everyone.