recycling old clothes in Little Rock, AR

From Wardrobe to Warmth: Transforming Clothing into Insulation

Recycling clothing into insulation

A company from Arkansas has developed a technology that can transform old clothes into new type of insulation. There is no longer any question of throwing away or incinerating old clothing and other damaged textiles. The latter are now on the list of products to be recycled in order to make them into real insulation for walls and ceilings. You can rent a waste dumpster to store them for model recycling. This way the waste does not end in local landfills.

A new fiber insulation

It is to the initiative of Little Rock Dumpster Rental HQ, a waste managemnt company in Little Rock, AR that this type of insulation owes its current success. Made up of a blend of fibers, this insulation product contains wool, cotton and polyester. Thanks to the presence of wool and cotton, this new type of insulation has good thermal and acoustic performance. As for polyester, it helps bind the fibers. This recycled insulation is also inflated with air to optimize its insulating properties.

Once arrived at the recycling facility, the clothes first undergo careful sorting and those that are too damaged are sent directly to the employees making the insulation. Specialized machines have been put in place for rapid defibration of clothing. The fibers are then mixed, thanks to the addition of polyester. You should know that 50 tons of fabrics per day are sorted by the employees of this sorting center.

Used clothes for model recycling

Recycling used clothing is one of the solutions found in the search for new outlets for old fabrics, thus helping reach the zero waste goal. Once frayed, these are transformed into insulation, carpets for automobiles, but also blankets for furniture. Marketed since 2011, this insulation is proving to be an eco-friendly material. It is available in panels and rolls for new installation or renovation work, but also in bulk for insulating attic spaces. Regarding the installation of this recycled insulation, it is simple, quick and does not involve any irritation, just like that of wool and hemp panels.

How to recycle old clothes

Recycling old clothes is a sustainable way to reduce waste and minimize environmental impact in Arkansas. Several options exist for repurposing clothing items. Donating gently used clothes to thrift stores, shelters, or charities extends their lifespan and provides affordable clothing options for others.

Textile recycling programs accept worn-out or damaged garments, which are then sorted, processed, and transformed into new materials like insulation, carpet padding, or industrial rags. Upcycling, a creative approach, involves repurposing old garments into new items such as quilts, bags, or accessories.

Some Arkansas companies even offer mail-in recycling programs for old clothing, making the process convenient for consumers. By choosing to recycle old clothes, individuals can contribute to resource conservation, waste reduction, and the circular economy while giving new life to their wardrobe castoffs.